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Our “Gypsum JOY” Thin Brick Veneers for interior have major benefits when it is compared to traditional concrete manufactured thin brick veneers: it is lighter, it is thinner, and it is a real easy DIY installation job. With 2lbs. per square feet, it is only 20% the weight of traditional concrete thin brick veneers. Finally, you save up to 50% compared of traditional concrete thin brick veneers.

Decorative 3d wall bricks

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Impeccable Design

This is truly a dream product for your first Do-It-Yourself project

Since it can be applied directly over unfinished drywall with a premixed tile adhesive, without any additional structural support or the use of machinery.

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All “Gypsum JOY” products are designed and HAND-MADE manufactured from environmentally friendly materials in Florida, USA.

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Our products are ideally suited for bold design solutions in decorating offices, restaurants, hotels, galleries, and for creating a unique home interior.

Impeccable Design

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Be sure that partnering with us is a long-term commitment and we will do everything in our power to satisfy you and your business aspirations and start to work with Us.

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Walls have been decorated with Gypsum JOY Thin Bricks.


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Interior Thin Bricks Veneers are the best choice.

Gypsum JOY Thin Brick Veneers are interesting and trendy decorative products in contemporary wall design. Interior Thin Bricks are a perfect wall covering products that can be utilized in interior décor. They are fantastic solutions to unsightly, stubborn bothersome walls, ceiling, or any surface that requires covering, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen area space feature walls and ceiling in home design; company logo wall, conference room, lobby backdrop, reception desk front function space in the workplace, dining establishment, cafes, cinema, and club design. Besides producing a sensational visual impact for the wall, our brick veneers can likewise be crafted into furnishings designs, such as cabinet doors, bed headboards, bedroom wardrobe, and kitchen area cabinet.

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